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Seabaugh, Ball


Marion SEABAUGH b Mar 13, 1886 d Nov 16, 1918; Pemiscot County, MO married
Emma Adeline BALL
    Lillian Annette SEABAUGH b Feb 11, 1912 in Dunklin Co., MO d Feb 26, 1988; St. Clair Co., IL
    Dorothy Mary SEABAUGH b Apr 7, 1917 in Pemiscot Co., d Dec 18, 1986; St. Louis Co., MO

Marion and his brother, James M. SEABAUGH, were listed on the Bollinger County, MO, 1900 Census living with a widow woman, Vina Estes/Estel, as boarders. On this census, the brothers state that their mother was born in Illinois. Neither were found on the 1910 census for that county. However, two farm laborers were found as living at the residence of Robert BALL (the father-in-law of Marion), but the census taker neglected to get their names.
A marriage record hasn't been located for Marion SEABAUGH and Emma BALL; it is needed greatly. Seventeen counties have been contacted (including New Madrid, Dunklin, and Bollinger in MO and some in TN and AR), with no results. The only record found for Marion SEABAUGH is his death certificate, which states his father was "Stuffie" SEABAUGH, b in Patton, MO and mother's name is unknown. He (Marion) died in Pemiscot Co., MO, and the body was removed to Dillman, MO, which is in Dunklin County. But this town no longer exists. Was told that he was buried in the Lulu Cemetery in Dunklin Co., close to the town of Senath. But there is no stone there, nor do they have any record of the burial. Checked with the funeral home in Portageville, MO, as the death cert states a Bob Young was the undertaker called. They said, yes, there was a Robert Young that worked for them at that time period, but that was when they kept no records and the funeral home was just a general store. Part of it was used to make coffins and when one was needed you just went to the "Coffin House" and bought one, no records kept. Since have learned that Dillman, MO, used to be a train stop and "Stuffie" was a nickname for "Christopher".

Can you help? If so, please email either Susan, or myself, LilBluSky, so we can put this
mystery to rest and Susan can finish tracing this line. She has a possible link in the
generation before this, but needs more information on the people in question.
Thanks for your help!


Isaac BURSON b abt 1832? d unknown; unknown county & state, (possibly Indiana) married
Harriett Jane ???? b abt 1838?
    John BURSON b abt 1857? d aft 1918

The only census listing I have found so far that included Isaac & Harriett J. with a son named John is from the 1860 Indiana census. It shows the following:
Vermillion County, Eugene Township, Eugene P.O.
Page 8, Family 51, Dwelling 51

NameRaceAgeBornOccupReal EstatePers Prop
Isaac BursonWM28OHLaborer$0$50
Harriett J. BursonWF22PA
John L. BursonWM3IN
Artemesa BursonWF1IN

I went ahead and approximated their birth years using this census record. I hope that this family is mine! There is another family in the same census, Vermillion County, Vermillion Township. It lists first Elizabeth BURSON, age 49, Born in OH, Real Estate valued at $3000 and Personal Property at $500. After her are listed the following people:
John Burson, Jane Burson, Harriet Burson, Maria Burson, Prudence Burson, Henry C. Burson, Rhoda A. Burson, and Oliver P. Burson. These appear to be Elizabeth's children by looking at the ages. The John here is listed as 29 years of age and born in VA. I believe that Elizabeth is actually my Isaac's mother, their father having passed away, and the oldest of the boys stayed at home to tend the farm (John would be the oldest). It fits. And it fits in my research. The only problem is that I can't find these people on any other census records! They have disappeared from the books as far as I can tell. But, then again, I haven't researched EVERY state yet, so they may be out there somewhere! :) John BURSON, son of Isaac BURSON, married a full-blooded Cherokee Indian by the name of Mary Jane. I don't know her maiden name, and was always told that she never shared that information even with her children because she was afraid of being removed from the state of Missouri for being Cherokee. I am waiting on some records of their children to get back from the state to see if they may have known this anyway and put it on their papers (SSDI). John and Mary had the following children that I am aware of:     Harriett Jane BURSON b June 21, 1900 d June 20, 1967 married first in Des Arc, AR to Benjamin G. BRANT b unknown d abt 1944 in Canalou, New Madrid Co., MO and they had 10 living children. She then married Odus FOWLER.
    Claude BURSON b unknown, d unkown, married unknown but they had 4 children that I'm aware of.
    Edwin BURSON b Dec 27, 1918 d Jan 20, 1969. These are the only children that I am aware of by John and Mary. I was told that Harriett had 2 half sisters, one named Lulabelle BURSON and the other unknown. This would mean that John had to have remarried or that Mary Jane is his second wife, although I've never been able to gain any more knowledge about this marriage. It could also mean that possibly Mary Jane remarried to John's brother.

This is as far as I have gotten on this family. Harriett is my grandmother, John/Mary my great grandparents, and Isaac/Harriett are my g-g-grandparents. If my assumption is correct, then Elizabeth would be my g-g-g-grandmother. I don't know where else to look for information. Evidently they traveled ALOT, possibly because Mary was Cherokee, possibly because of the Gold Rush, or maybe wars. My next step will be to start creating a timeline to try and figure all of this out. Any lookups on any censuses will be greatly appreciated. At this time I am trying to locate their marriage record/date/place. This record would help quite a bit, I believe. I will be also offering lookups, so I will definitely trade information. PLEASE Email me if you have any info.